Headache in children

الصداع لدي الأطفال

Headache in children Headaches are not limited to adults only, but a large group of children also suffer from headaches, and the crying of the child or the symptoms appearing on him due to headaches may cause some anxiety and porcelain in mothers, and therefore this requires quick treatment to avoid any danger or health […]


Infections in children: an overview of bacterial infections What are bacteria? What is the risk of bacterial infection in children? Diagnosis of bacterial infections in children: Prevention of bacterial infection in children Treatment of bacterial infections and infections in general in children   What are bacteria? Bacteria: They are microscopic single-celled organisms and some bacteria […]


Teething and gum pain in children, tips and treatment   Gum diseases in children, what are they and what are their symptoms? Signs of teething in babies To calm and soothe the gums in several ways, what is the best way? How do I take care of my child’s new teeth? How is the treatment […]

Acute coldcs

Acute colds in children (causes, treatment and methods of prevention)   What are the common cold in children? the reasons Risk factors Ways to prevent colds in children Treatment of colds in children   What are the common cold in children? The common cold is a viral infection that spreads spontaneously to the upper respiratory […]

Cold and Fever

أفضل علاج للسخونية للأطفال

Colds, fever and flu in children: home remedies and medicines   How can you treat cold and flu symptoms for your child? Is it a low-grade fever and cold or more serious? How can you lower your child’s temperature? Does chicken soup help in treating colds? Other home remedies   How can you treat cold […]

Child Fever

Fever in children (your child’s temperature is high?  Here is the solution    What is a fever in children? Causes of fever in children How to take a child’s temperature Complications of fever What should parents have to deal with a fever? Prevention of fever Fever treatment   What is a fever in children? It […]